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We are interested In your Opinion

We are interested In your Opinion


The MVEU is interested in your opinion so please leave a comment in the comment section, or email us with any questions or comment. Thank you.


Sean M.Murphy


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  • Nancy

    Recently my mother has taken the rescue squad to the hospital in massena. I would like to know why it is so expensive? Her part of the payment is $250 for a two mile ride!! Seems a little much for a volunteer squad

    • Massena Rescue

      Nancy ,

      I hope your mother is well, I realize you find the $250 dollar payment high however our prices for care are set by the town and the board of managers and is actually the lowest in upstate NY. Our mileage prices are also the lowest. I would ask the insurance company if that is her deductible? If it is this would be her portion she is responsible for.

      If you would allow me to explain , this money does not come to us i wish it did, per Medicaid / medicare law all money that we the MVEU generates from emergency calls goes to the principality in this case the Town , the MVEU is contracted with the town to provide trained personnel and the Town provides all emergency equipment. Why? you ask well back in the 80s the MVEU was almost forced to close there doors because of the rise in operational cost and donations were not the best, the MVEU was forced to sign a contract in essence selling the building and all equipment to the Town for a dollar, and the town using tax dollars at the time to keep the doors open and the volunteers were able to answer calls, then the whole insurance billing for calls came about and the Town saw a way to make money so to speak without costing tax payers, see we are no longer run with tax dollars but what is called resource recovery from private insurance, Medicare/Medicaid money, what is billed is not always what they pay, for instance if a full ALS call is billed for lets say 2500$, medications and equipment used and transport distance, the payment from them is a lot less then what is billed. Unfortunately this is true across all types of calls, the MVEUs hands are tied when it comes to all of this, i wish I could explain it more. We the MVEU will be holding a meeting with the Billing company for town residence in the near future I hope you can attend this meeting and things can be explained in more detail. If you wish please contact the town supervisor Steve O’Shanuseey he might be able to explain it more.


      Sean M Murphy

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