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The Billing Process Update

The Billing Process Update

The recent article in the paper from the Town Supervisor explains some of the process but not all of it. At the bottom of the bill you get from PAB, there is a number and that number is what you should call to talk to billing.

 IF you have cashed any insurance check made out to you from your insurance company but should have brought it to the Massena Volunteer Emergency Unit or the Town Hall , you are still responsible for the full payment and you could be in trouble for fraud.  IF you have a co- payment you can be billed for that.

Now for the 400$ charge for the MVEU being called to your residents and treating but not transporting, this amount is billed to offset the medication and other expenses used. For example: a Diabetic call, the person is woke up with medications and other medical supplies, that person has the right to sign off and not be transported to the ER, but if they are not billed the cost using all the medication and materials is not offset and the MVEU has to pay for them, we are contracted with the Town, and go by what the town, charges, the MVEU has not been funded by the taxpayer for sometime now your insurance company does not cover treat and release and in order for the MVEU to recoup cost the 400$ charge was set fourth.

PLEASE do not let a fee or bill stop you from calling 911 , your health or families health is more important.

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